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How we will achieve our strategic vision

Within the Student and Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy (pdf 475kb) there are eight strategic themes: leadership; prevention; early intervention; support; transitions; staff; data; and partnerships. These themes are directly aligned with all eight of #stepchange strategic themes, and will be implemented over the next three years.

The strategy applies to all OU students, whether on taught undergraduate or postgraduate courses or full or part-time research students, and all OU staff. It has been written an an inclusive rather than exclusive document, and as such, we have only made reference to individual staff and student groups by exception when an action relates to a specific subgroup. The strategy has also been designed for collective ownership across the University, which means that we are all responsible for ensuring its successful delivery.


Objective one: Leadership

Promote an integrated and whole institution approach to supporting student and staff mental health and wellbeing.
Read more about objective one.


Objective two: Prevention

Equipping our students and staff with the skills, tools and sense of belonging that promotes positive mental health behaviours and an inclusive culture.
Read more about objective two.


Objective three: Early interventions

Taking a proactive approach to supporting students and staff at risk of poor mental health, and reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues.
Read more about objective three.


Objective four: Support

Deliver an effective range of support services that meet the diverse needs of our students throughout their studies.
Read more about objective four.


Objective five: Transitions 

Ensure transitions are successful and help our students maintain good mental health and wellbeing while making this change.
Read more about objective five.


Objective six: Staff

Promote good mental health and wellbeing for all our staff and provide training and support at their time of need, irrespective of where they are based.
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Objective seven: Data

Using data, learning analytics and research, evaluate the effectiveness and impact of mental health and wellbeing interventions and support and share best practices across the University to inform future initiatives where additional support or research is needed.
Read more about objective seven.


Objective eight: Partnerships

Establishing collaborations within the University, and with external partnerships to inform and provide effective mental health and wellbeing support for our students and staff.
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