Our vision for this strategy

At The Open University, we recognise that mental health and wellbeing impacts on all aspects of our lives in terms of how we feel, function and interact with others. We are also aware that over recent years, there has been an increase in students and staff disclosing mental health issues.

In response, we are committed to ensuring that across the University, everyone recognises that mental health is not solely related to a disability or illness but represents a continuum in which we all live and will experience fluctuating levels throughout our lives. We believe that everyone has a responsibility for actively supporting mental health and wellbeing, whether this is their own or that of others.

By taking a whole institution approach to mental health and wellbeing, we will work collectively to promote an informed, tolerant and inclusive culture that enables our students and staff to flourish to the maximum of their potential, and where an appreciation of mental health and wellbeing is central to all we do.

In brief, our strategic vision is to: 

promote an inclusive and supportive culture that is underpinned by effective and timely support, systems and training about mental health and wellbeing that allows our students and staff to maximise their potential and achieve success.