Support from our leaders

The Student and Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy (pdf 475kb) is supported by our senior management across all four UK nations, and the OU Students Association.

Professor Tim Blackman - Vice-Chancellor

“At The Open University we are mindful of the relationship between a student’s mental health and wellbeing and their ability to engage positively with academic study. The mental health and wellbeing of our staff is equally important and we are committed to supporting colleagues, both to manage their everyday lives and to support our students. Mental wellbeing matters to us all. This strategy takes a whole university approach across the four nations. It outlines our ambitions for the future that build on and enhance our support provision for the benefit of all.”

Sarah Jones - President of the OU Students Association

“The OU Students Association recognises that effective mental health support involves attending to the needs of those experiencing mental health issues and distress as well as promoting good mental health and wellbeing. For some people, mental ill-health is a one-off episode triggered by events or periods of harmful stress. For others, mental health issues can be longer term. We are committed to creating a student community and work environment that positively promotes mental health and wellbeing for all, making it easier to talk about without fear of stigma, and access to help when needed. We are proud to be part of this strategy and look forward to working with staff to continually improve the student experience at The Open University.”

Supporting statements from the Ireland, Scotland and Wales Directors

John D’Arcy - Director, The Open University in Ireland

“The Student and Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy is very timely and important for The Open University in Ireland. Working with students and staff across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, we recognise how essential it is for us to support students and staff alike in engaging ways.”

Susan Stewart - Director, The Open University in Scotland

“Mental health and wellbeing are enormously important to The Open University in Scotland. I welcome the University’s strategy, which chimes with key areas of focus for the Scottish Government, Scottish Funding Council and Universities Scotland. We are already working hard and look forward to using the new strategy to further inform our priorities.”


Louise Casella - Director, The Open University in Wales

“The publication of the new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy demonstrates the University’s long-term commitment to sustaining the wellbeing and health of our staff and students.  The synergies between the strategy and those of the Welsh Government and HEFCW are clear and we welcome the opportunity to contribute further to the wellbeing goals of the Future Generations Act in delivering this strategy.”