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Executive team

The Vice-Chancellor's Executive is made up of senior leaders from across the OU. The purpose of this leadership team is to provide strategic and operational direction to the Vice-Chancellor in their capacity as Chief Executive of The Open University. The Vice-Chancellor retains ultimate executive responsibility for proposing the Strategic Plan and budget to Council and remains accountable for their implementation.

What is its remit?

  • Monitoring and agreeing unit and faculty institutional action plans, budgets, performance and risk
  • Reviewing and approving pan-university policy issues and business decisions before presentation at a governance level
  • Resolving difficult pan-university issues
  • Briefings on important internal and external events requiring senior leadership oversight


  • Vice-Chancellor: Professor Tim Blackman
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Professor Josie Fraser
  • University Secretary: Dave Hall
  • Executive Deans: Professor Adrienne Scullion (FASS), Professor Mark Durkin (FBL), Dr Klaus-Dieter Rossade (WELS), Professor Nick Braithwaite (STEM)
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor Students: Professor Ian Pickup
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research & Innovation:  Professor Kevin Shakesheff
  • Chief Financial Officer: Paul Traynor
  • Chief People Officer: Vikki Matthews
  • Chief Digital and Information Officer: Emma Stace
  • Vice-Chancellor's Delegate International: Professor Devendra Kodwani
  • Nation Director The OU in Ireland: John D'arcy
  • Nation Director The OU in Scotland: Susan Stewart
  • Nation Director The OU in Wales: Ben Lewis