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Teaching and Learning Plan

Professor Josie Fraser, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Sponsor of the Teaching and Learning Plan

We are incredibly proud that The Open University is the leader in distance learning educating people across all four nations of the UK and across the world.

Teaching Excellence Framework, Gold

Since gaining our Royal Charter in 1969, more than 2 million students have succeeded with The Open University. We consistently score highly for student satisfaction with our teaching and assessment in the National Students Survey and have recently been awarded Gold status on the Teaching and Excellence Framework.

We strive to ensure that every student who studies with us has access to the best possible teaching and learning opportunities. We want every one of our students to be successful in their studies and go on to achieve their life and career goals.

There are many pressures on students and challenges that the world is facing. All these factors affect how we approach our teaching and learning.

This plan sets out how we will continue to innovate and continuously improve the learning experience for our students now and in the future.

Our mission to be open to people, places, methods and ideas is at the heart of this plan.

Our teaching model allows us to provide open entry to higher education and through the achievements of our inspiring students, we are creating a more equitable society. 

The future is open.

Professor Josie Fraser,
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Sponsor of the Teaching and Learning Plan

Here is a pdf version (pdf 620kb) for you to download if you would prefer.

Mae’r ddogfen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

An infographic explaining our teaching and learning plan for a written description read below

The infographic explains our Teaching and Learning Plan.

Introduced in June 2022, the Teaching and Learning Plan will inform teaching, learning and assessment at The Open University for the next five years.

The Plan provides a single statement of our five principles and associated ambitions, which are used to inform and continuously improve our approach to teaching and learning across the OU. The Plan informs our priorities to keep us at the forefront of world-class and flexible teaching and learning.

To enable success:

  • Teaching and learning are designed and delivered as an academically rigorous, research-informed process.
  • A high-quality, supported distance learning experience is enabled through innovative teaching and assessment.
  • Students are supported to begin and process through their OU journey at the appropriate level and intensity for their needs.
  • Learning is designed and delivered as anti-racist, anti-discriminatory, accessible and inclusive.
  • Students and their voice are integrated into the planning of our teaching to enhance the quality of our provision.

Our vision is to ensure a consistently good experience for all our students, and an innovative approach to teaching and learning.