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Periodic Quality Review

The University’s Periodic Quality Review (PQR) process is currently under review and may be subject to change.

Alongside annual quality monitoring, the University’s Periodic Quality Review (PQR) process provides a six-yearly independent evaluation of the quality and standards of provision within each academic area.

Periodic Quality Reviews:

  • assure Senate of the quality of academic standards and the student learning experience
  • form a key part of the evidence base that allows the University’s Council to endorse the statement of assurance in the annual quality report to the Scottish Funding Council
  • ensure the OU meets the UK Quality Code’s expectations and core and common practices for monitoring and evaluation of quality and standards, especially in relation to externality and student involvement
  • provide a forum for areas under review to reflect upon the last six years
  • provide a forum for students to voice their experience of studying within the area under review
  • provide a forum for associate lecturers to feedback to the university.

PQRs are based on a comprehensive self-evaluation document and supporting documentary evidence prepared by the area under review over a period of up to one year, with the support of the Academic Quality and Standards team. The documentation is reviewed by an approved PQR panel consisting of a chair, internal reviewer, external reviewer and a student reviewer. The panel reports to the Academic Quality and Governance Committee (AQGC).

The panel meet staff, students and associate lecturers during a 2-day review event to discuss the documentation provided, before reaching a judgement on the academic standards and quality of the student experience for the area under review, in the context of external requirements. 

The panel’s report outlines their assurance of the quality and standards of the provision and makes a number of commendations and recommendations, which can be directed towards the area under review, broader faculty or unit and any department within the university. The report is then submitted to AQGC for approval. Once approved, the outcomes are shared via internal websites.

The area under review, broader faculty/unit and the relevant university department are required to respond to the recommendations and formulate an action plan. AQGC and the faculty/unit under review monitor the progress of those actions until they are completed. Ongoing evaluation is incorporated in the annual monitoring cycle.